Windows Phone 7 (WP7) is a mobile operating system (OS) developed and published by Microsoft in October, 2010. Distinct from its predecessor Microsoft Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7 concentrates on consumer market rather than enterprise market. WP7 has its distinctive UI (user interface) of tiles system instead of icons, which separates and moves it one step ahead of its competitors iOS (iPhone Operating System, also known initial Operating System) and Android. Undoubtedly, WP7 can handle several applications and games; correspondingly demand of Windows Phone 7 Development was very clear.

There are just 9000 apps for the phones, but hidden away, in the deep, dark, depths of the WP7 Marketplace, there are some hidden gems that any WP7 owner must have. Here is a list of some of the best apps available.

Poynt - Free 

This is a location based app that will give you quick access to information about, restaurants, movie theaters, coffee shops and other businesses. It can plug directions into bing maps so you can find your way to the chosen business, it also displays phone numbers and the businesses websites. It works by pulling your GPS co-ordinates from the phone so that it can see what is around you. Wonderful app.

A-to-B - Free 

A-to-B is a free GPS application. It was originally designed as a demo only to show off how GPS works on Windows Phone 7, however the app quickly gained a cult following. It has a very easy to use interface and it is very accurate. It looks like any other GPS would and functions just how you would expect it. There are audible notifications when your turn is coming up but now voice guidance. Until Microsoft updates WP7 to include a GPS app, A-to-B should be used, it is really quite excellent.

Ilomilo -$4.99

ilomilo is a puzzle game, where you control two friends, ilo, and Milo . The two friends at the start of each level are separated. It is your job to control both characters around the 3d mazes and reunite them. It sounds easy, but it will challenge your brain, and will keep you playing for hours.

Windows Phone Programming Tutorials Launched by EDUmobile.

Edumobile.ORG Launched their first batch of candidates for their newly released Windows Phone training program in the first week of April and the response from the community has been overwhelming and very encouraging and got quite a number of positive feedback from candidates and many are already seeing measurable results.

Windows Phone Mobile Training Course fee is $97 and course duration of the course is 10 weeks.
Visit here Windows Phone tutorials to get more information about windows phone programming course


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